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The Library has developed an excellent collection of books, e-books,  journals, CD-DVD ROM and non-book material in Agriculture, Fisheries, Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry, Disaster Management, Nutrition and Food Science, Land Management and Administation, Computer Science and Engineering and Business Administration and Management. It maintains separate collections of Reference Books, Standards, Pamphlets.


Hard copy books


25,695 books


Hard copy of journals


101 titles; 2900

Hard copy of theses(MS)


652 titles

Hard copy of theses(PhD)


66 Titles



35,425 titles (JSTORAGORAHINARI and OARE ) and 32,000 journals by INASP-PERii;



700 (approx.);

Daily Newspaper (Print)



Magazine (print)



Online Books


7346 tiles (Oxford Scholarship OnlineMyiLibrary/PearsonsTaylor & FrancisCRCNetBase) and Wiley Online Library & 3819 titles from Research4Life;

Institutional Repository


Digital Archives on Agricultural Theses and Journals;



2.5 Million Pages Agricultural Related Articles [LAN based The Essential Electroic Agricultural Library]

Remote e-Access


EBSCO Discovery services

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About Us

The Central Library of Patuakhali Science and Technology University began its existence after its parent organization Patuakhali Science and Technology University being inaugurated on July’ 2000 by the then Hon’ble Prime Minister, Government of the people’s Republic of Bangladesh, Her Excellency Sheikh Hasina and started its academic activities  on 26 February, 2002. It is situated in a separate four storied building. The library has a glorious history.  In fact it was established in 1979. At that time, it’s parent body was established as Patuakhali Agricultural College. The central library of PSTU, being a member of UGC- Digital Library Consortium (UDL) and INASP-PERI, provide online access to more than thousands of peer-reviewed full text journals and database services. It has also a good collection of Electronic books  and journals.